Why Malindi Remains the Ultimate Kenyan Destination


Whether you are planning a conference, a weekend getaway, or your honeymoon at the Kenyan coast, you cannot be through with comparing destinations before looking at what Malindi has to offer. There’s a very good reason (lets make that reasons) why the Italians came to Malindi and never left. When they arrived, they discovered a piece of paradise tucked away on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Here’s are some of the reasons why Malindi will give you an unforgettable experience, unlike any other destination in Kenya, or the world for that matter.


1. Malindi is Far Enough...but not too Far

First, Malindi is tucked away just a little further than Mombasa, but its not too far. If you come by road, you will pass through Mombasa, and then travel 50km northwards into the Kenyan North Coast. This extra bit of travel will take a shorter time than it will take you to cross the ferry if you are headed to the South Coast. The extra lap makes Malindi just a bit far, and is ideal for ensuring that your entire conference party stays within easy reach of your preferred conference destination. If you are on honeymoon, Malindi will give you the privacy you need since fewer people take the trip north from Mombasa. 

2. Breathtaking Beaches 

Secondly, Malindi has very beautiful beaches, which are rarely crowded. Again, Malindi beats Mombasa when it comes to the experience of swimming in the ocean because you will not be struggling to find space to swim. Malindi beaches are clean, and are ideal for leisurely swims. If access to the ocean is a key element of your planning, then Malindi will give you the best experience in the entire Kenyan Coast. 

3. Malindi has a Rich International Culture 

The third main selling point for Malindi is that it’s a truly international town. The largest international community in the town constitutes Italian tourists and migrants. Many Italian migranta prefer Malindi to any town in Kenya and they have a strong close knit community living in the town. Apart from these, many tourists, expatriates, aid workers, and entrepreneurs make Malindi their home away from home. If you are looking for a town that has an international culture in Kenya, we doubt that you will find any other town with a richer cultural mosaic. 

4. Malindi has it all

The fourth reason to visit Malindi is that it is simply the best holiday destination in Kenya. Where else do you find a rich cultural mix, many historical sites (such as the Gede ruins), lush beaches, and an active social scene? We haven’t said anything of the rich swahili cuisine, interlaced with many international menus, watersports, nature trails and most importantly, a warm and inviting local culture? Where else can you find all these? 


The Pine Court hotel can provide you with facilities and accommodation services as you enjoy the best that Malindi has to offer, whether for a conference, a honeymoon stop, or when you are on a business trip. Please see our services page to review our wide range of services including accommodation and conference facilities designed to enhance your experience of Malindi. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss rates, your holiday itinerary, or your conference needs.