The Pine Court has the reputation of being the place to be for teambuilding activities, end year parties, weddings and reception, and where to have an affordable honeymoon in Malindi. We also have very competitive rates. We will give you the best team-building package available in Malindi that combines great rates with outstanding facilities.

Team building

Pine Court Malindi's compound stretches into the beach, and is ideal for all types of team building activities. At our facility, you can engage in volleyball, beach football, beach jogging, or you can take a long beach walk as part of your team building activities. Our facilities are ideal for both indoor and outdoor team building activities.

End-Year Parties

Many clients regard the Pine Court hotel as the first choice venue for their end year party because of our excellent services geared towards making your event a smashing success. We have a large compound, in addition to excellent bar and restaurant facilities that we put at the disposal of our clients. Furthermore, our rates are extremely competitive. If you want to have the best rates in Malindi in a party hotel, you haven't finished your search until you talk to us.

Wedding and Honeymoon Package

We have taken time to understand the needs of nuptials, and with this understanding, we have developed an unmatched wedding and honeymoon package. The Pine Court Malindi provides a fitting reception venue for beach weddings. Our facilities are also ideal for evening parties and for other wedding related events. We also have a special honeymoon suite designed to offer you the best environment for you honeymoon in Malindi. Our hotel is one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in Malindi. We have fantastic rates and easy access to the Malindi beach in addition to a host of social amenities.